"10 (Free) Stock Photos to Boost Your “Guy Kawasaki 10 Slides Pitch Deck” Template. "

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It is obvious that visuals will amplify your key message when used in the right context. As Guy Kawasaki puts it in his own blog, “there are two extremes in online dating: eHarmony and Hot Or Not. When you use the former, you provide the data along twenty-nine dimensions to find your soul mate. When you use the latter, you look at a picture and decide if the person is “hot or not” in a few seconds.”

“When it comes to PowerPoint pitches for your company, think Hot Or Not, not eHarmony.” — Guy Kawasaki

Pitching successfully is about leaving a strong positive impression with the investors who go through multiple presentations everyday. Heard of Startup Speed Dating at Tech Events? Imagine listening to a new startup pitch every 5–7 minutes for a whole hour. Thats 8 different companies saying they are different with a cutting edge innovation. For top of mind and publicity, some startups even resort to crazy antics just to make sure they are memorable within a short presentation window.

But if you don’t want to get too crazy and yet still stand out to get to that ideal next stage of due diligence, visuals and images can be a great help.

One thing to be aware of though, is too much ‘noise’ or as I like to call it ‘visual vomit’, where there are too many colours contrasting with font colours and key numbers. (Quick tip: Darken or blur the background just enough for viewers to still see the image, without conflicting with your font)

Bad example of a slide.

Here’s a bad example: Colours are fighting for attention and there is no clear focal point. Too many objects and messages to look at.

Good example of a slide.

Good example: I personally think this is much gentler for the eyes, and this is what you want to achieve. Eye catching, yet easy to absorb. Not too annoying with many bright colours vying for attention. Shadows are applied to direct attention to main message.

Now, let’s revisit Guy’s 10 slides Pitch Deck Template

1. Title Page

2. Overview or Problem/Opportunity

3. Value Proposition

4. Secret Sauce (Ideally demonstrated in a demo)

5. Business Model

6. Go-to-Market Plan

7. Competitive Analysis

8. Management Team

9. Financial Projections & Key Metrics

10. Current Status, Accomplishments, Timeline & Use of Funds

Depending on the industry you operate in, it may be easier to find (free) stock photos that are highly relevant, while much harder for others. For example, an on-demand flower delivery startup will have a higher chance of finding a good stock photo VS. a SIM Card manufacturer. This is because free stock photo contributors are often hobbyists trying to increase the exposure of their portfolio, thus it is harder to find very niche images.

Because these are visuals for a pitch deck however, apart from perhaps Slide 2: Problem/Opportunity where ideally the image should be industry/company relevant, the others can be pretty neutral yet still impactful.

Here are 10 great industry neutral Free Stock Photos you can use for your presentation deck (before editing).

1. Title Page (Here you want to communicate energy and potential)

Download link: https://goraydar.com/photo/61922f542b5c9f27

2. Overview or Problem/Opportunity (Abundance of empty space for words)

Download link: https://goraydar.com/photo/00d46bf1546a5e9f

3. Value Proposition (Communicates product offering)

Download link: https://goraydar.com/photo/b409b3b6c3672c6a

4. Secret Sauce

Download link: https://goraydar.com/photo/f40c4e57461ed32b

5. Business Model

Download link: https://goraydar.com/photo/a58d7a781d1578e2

6. Go-to-Market Plan

Download link: https://goraydar.com/photo/e1c7ccfc03816b1e

7. Competitive Analysis

Download link: https://goraydar.com/photo/e88c97f44917f8a8

8. Management Team (urrh… This slide should be filled with you and your good looking teammates, but here’s a great background)

Download link: https://goraydar.com/photo/4523d1fa6c3e92a9

9. Financial Projections & Key Metrics (I’d recommend to use this image in B&W)

Download link: https://goraydar.com/photo/5242527f0aef3fc0

10. Current Status, Accomplishments, Timeline & Use of Funds (Illustrates speed and growth)

Download link: https://goraydar.com/photo/e936e26dc668c51c

And there you have it! 10 great free stock photos to amplify the key messages of any pitch deck, irregardless of your industry. Got any tips and feedback? Do leave them in the comments.

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