4 types of stock photos every web designer should own

Every professional designer has his own personal library of must-have images — images that have multiple uses, that play role as essential building blocks of his design tool box. When it comes to web design, having the trendy photos in your library will help speed up your design process dramatically, since web design requires so many tiny details and elements. Here, we will showcase 4 types of must-have photos for any web designer, and how you can apply them into your designs.

1.The background textures


Download beautiful texture

This is probably the most popular one — the type of image that every designer uses at the begining of their design career. Though seems to be too popular to be noticed, the background textures — when are used in the right way — can make a huge difference to the professionalism of your design. They are simple, easy to eyes and be able to make text stand out. Also, they are ideal for responsive design, since their repetitive partern can be scaled to fit any screen and device, easily.

Tips for better textures usage:

- Make it legible: You can not just pick a photo that is visually suitable and put it on the website. Each type of texture gives a specific, different feeling — be sure that feeling goes hand in hand with the website message.

It’s the thought use a paper texture as the background, which looks like the texture of carton boxes, and this goes really nicely with their gift boxed service.

- Less is more: textures are best used subtly and with a purpose. Ideally, a combanation between textures and something simple always works fine. Also, there’s no need to have a ton of different textures all at once. One is enough.

Weblounge Agency uses wooden texture for only one block on their web layout — which goes along really nicely with high-contrast, solid background color in other blocks.

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2. The panoramic landscapes and cityscapes

A panorama photo with enough “white space” will give your website a stunning look

This kind of photos always gives your design a stunning look and incredible feeling. Such wide-len shots of landscapes and cityscapes work fantastically on the top of a website — where you need to make an impression on your visitors. However, not all photos taken in Panorama mode can be used for website. They must have enough “white space” — where you can add the headlines, the value proposition of the website on. Also, the photos chosen must be very relevant to website content, and at this point, consultancy from Marketing side is something you might need.

An example of wide panoramic photos used as homepage’s background.

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3. Mockup shots and product templates

Use mockup shots to showcase your web design. More beautifully.

This is reported by many designers to be the most used type of image in their stock collection.
Mockup shots bring the graphic design to real life, allow designers to see how their design might work on a real 3D objects, whether they are a brand identity stationery kit, a poster, a product package, or as in web design — a website, an application interface. Putting the design into a real, natural yet wellshot photo is also an intelligent way to make up your design, thus increases your chance of winning the clients and the viewers over.

Who can resist to such a beautiful showcase? (DOWNLOAD MOCKUP)

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4. Knolling photographs

Knolling photography refers to the action of shooting objects arranged in a neat, organized way, mostly from 90-degree angle. Though this photo style has been all the rage for the past 2 years, it is predicted to get more popular in 2017 — when photographers have been adding more and more creativity in knolling shots. Knolling photography does not stop at random things arranged neatly, but more, specific objects placed with intention and clear concepts, and the photos can even tell stories and convey messages themselves.

Knolling photographs as we already know (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Knolling — with clear concepts (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Because most knolling photos are shot with clean and solid background, it is easy for web designers to mix them with other elements on website.

Panfriedpixels uses knolling photos on their website — which strongly states that they are an agency that utilize organization.

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